What is digestate?

From anaerobic digestion aimed at the production of biogas you get an organic matrix waste, exhausted in terms of biogas production at the pumpable physical condition here defined digestate .

The digestate is normally used in agriculture with particular attention to nitrogen value, in fact the nitrogen entering the digester is equal to the outgoing one.

Our service

With the aim to control the nitrogen and to facilitate the storage and spreading, by dehydrating the digestate you obtain two phases: a shoveling phase and a liquid phase, each one holding a percentage of nitrogen.

The liquid phase is more easily treated until total recovery of the plant, and by shoveling it can be spread on agricultural soils.

Idee e Prodotti propose two solutions to be contextualized in the specific fields.

  1. STRIZbox technology, the new generation of filter press and the evolution of ACTIVE FILTRATION DRY BOX  technology made in large numbers to work in the agricultural environment
  2. ACTIVE FILTRATION DRY BOX is very popular and effective. The financial management is not only really economic ut it is also particularly compatible with the agricultural environment.


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