Tank cleaning

Do you want to clean the tanks non-stop and with volume reduction ? Now with I&P system you can
Non- stop tank cleaning service made by Idee e Prodotti is simple, competitive anf fast. We are the alternative to gully sucker system. We offer a complete service of tank cleaning.
The advantages are: - the plant isn't stopped to make tank cleaning - volume deposit be reduced of 50% - costs of disposal are law - safe, because there's no staff
tank cleaning process scheme

Tank cleaning process

Phase 1: Pumping
For this phase we invent Tarua pump. It allows the full passage of the dirty material and so it allows the full suction of hard waste water full of stones, rags and bolts. The sucked material is sent to Dry Box Oltre system in order to reduce the volume.
The system Tarua and DryBox replace the gully sucker during the suction. This system permits to save money and time. The system is non-stop with controlled courses, it allows in line additive to improve the wastewater filterability while feeding to dehydration. In contrast, once the self-venting system is filled it must be stopped in order to move wastewater to disposal plant with roll-off problem. The Tarua pump is self-priming, it can run dry to safely move the suction pump inside the tank. We use with a remote-controlled robot.
Phase 2: Treatment
As we suction using our Tarua pump with ZUmix gas divider we perform in-line liquid conditioning before feeding the dehydration system. Zumix uses the Easy add principle, that allows to maintain the flake and make better the dewatering phase.
Phase 3: Dewatering
The DRY BOX Oltre® working both by filtration and by overflow receives significant power flow and allows a linear, fast and continuous management of the yard. Dehydration sedimentation + Storage + Transport
Phase 4: Disposal
Final disposal is crucial to the site management: you must schedule it at the planning stage. Sampling, filterability verification and mud classification allows the provision in authorized facilities, which is fundamental to possess site management linearity, avoiding expensive stops in terms of time and money. The classification of waste is essential for the assessment of safety standards to be taken for the site construction.

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Dewatered mud

Mud suction with Tarua pump