How to enroll in our website.
How can I sign up to the web site?
You can go in menu > contacts > register > insert accout details. Then control you email > receive a mail from pumps and dewatering with your account details
I've lost my password, how can I restore it?
Go in the login area, you find a form where you insert your email o username, then you receive an mail with a link that redirects you in the page where you can restore your password.
If you have any problems you can contact us and we generate a new password automatically.
How can I download PDF?
You can sign up or log in our website. You can go in menu > contacts > download area > download your Pdf.
Tarua Pump
Tarua pump is self-priming?
Yes and also the pump can works idling.
Is it possible to transfer a waste water with stones, bolts and rags?
Yes, thanks to Flo.plus technology. FLO.plus is the innovative principle allowing, within hard liquid transfer operation performed by a mechanical procedure (valve and pump), the flux to float unobstacled through a free and clean passage.
Kodrill valve
Which are the valve's diameters?
Valves are tailored made. From a minimum diameter up to 1 m.
What is the valves' material?
The valve is made in rubber. We choose different rubber in relation to the waste that rubber will contact. For example, as terminal valve in the sewerage system we made valve inside in SBR and outside in PDM.
Where can you install the valves?
You can install terminal antifelux valves in sewerage system. You can install non return valves in the building and hydraulic sector.
Dry Box line
Which dry is it possible to obtain with Dry Box gravity system?
Depends on waste water. As a result of our experience we can obtain 15/20 % of dry with a biological mud, 25/30 % of dry with physical- chemical mud, 45/50 % of dry with mining mud. In some cases with some types of mud it is possible to dewater without conditioning.
Which flow rates it is possible to feed the Dry Box gravity system?
We can obtain 20/30 m3/h with biological mud conditioned, 60/70 m3/h with mineral mud working with settling vessel.
Is it possible to dewater biological mud with Dry Box gravity system?
It is possible to dewater any waste water. For example biological, physical- chemical and mining.
Until those equivalent inhabitants is it recommended that you install Dry Box gravity system?
Up to 300.000 equivalent inhabitants.
Striz Box
Which dry is it possible to obtain with StrizBox?
We can obtain 25 % with biological mud, 35/40 % with physical- chemical mud, 80 % with mining mud.
Can StrizBox work unmanned?
StrizBox is completely automatic and unmanned up to 24h.
How often is it necesary to change filter?
Thanks to active filtration is not necessary to wash filters. If it is necessary, washing keep only two minutes without staff.
Cloth filters
How big are cloth filters?
We have different standard sizes. We have the bag 120 ∙ 55 cm with 1 m3 20 m3 volume. We make cloth filter and bag filter tailored made of different material, for example, in polypropylene, in polyester, in polyamide.