TARUA™ non-clog pump

Tarua non-clog pumps

Tarua non-clog pump is a volumetric pump with a large bore (equal to the diameter of the suction mouth) exploiting FLO.plus principle.

It is designed to transfer harsh, dirty, and uneven wastewater. Tarua ™ provides maximum flexibility both for flow rates, prevalence, or type of engine. Tarua

VALVES The core of the pump are the sealing valves. Each pump is equipped with four valves, two on the intake and two on the outlet.

PUMP The pump and manifolds are made of 316. Tarua is a self-priming pump, it will not be damaged in the event of accidental work-load. Water suction capacity 8m. Prevalence up to 6 bar. Made in 3 different models: Capacity 10 mc/h, 30 mc/h and 50 mc/h.

ENGINE Standard is electrical but is possible supply Hydraulic. USES It’s provided in leasing or for sale. It has been succesfully used in situations such as: natural disasters (floods), lagoon and rivers dredging, storage tank decontamination, hard, uneven and abrasive waste transfer, dirty sludge, trash and septic tank

Tarua Full passage hydraulic pump

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Tarua free flow piston pump

Tarua non-clog pump

volumetric piston pump

Tarua volumetric piston pump

volumetric piston pump

Tarua volumetric piston pump