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Dry Box Oltre dewatering container, Roll off dewatering unit, sludge container

The first settler able to dehydrate, up to shoveling point, wastewater with high specific weight and mineral matrix . The clear phase has two output ways, through weir and filtering.

14 linear metre weir conveys clear water in an upper channel draining through two 2 ½ ” outlets. Part of the flow is filtered by the fabric filter  and discharged by 4 unions 2 “outlet located at the base of the structure. The solids dehydrate until shoveling point within the structure.

It is powered from above by a particular power supply installed on the machine. The solids of the fed effluent settle on the bottom while the liquid phase through weir and filtering is collected outside. The solids retained by the filter cloth dehydrate, and once reaching maximum volume you must stop feeding it.

The entire inner surface is draining and supports a disposable filter cloth. Capacity of approximately 20 cubic meters. 10-11 tons of dehydrated material are in storage. Approved to be transported on road by conventional unloading systems.

Thanks to its versatility and simplicity it is successfully used in construction sites to filter the waste produced by excavations and perforations and in sites for remediation of port areas, lagoons, tanks and lagoons, cement processing, as well.

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Dry Box Oltre

Dry Box Oltre

Dry Box Oltre water

DRYBOXOltre sludge feeding

DRYBOX Oltre sludge feeding

DRYBOXOltre sludge dewatering from underground site

DRYBOX Oltre sludge dewatering from underground site