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Dry Box easy filter bag

DRY BOX® 100 is a wheeled box for solid – liquid separation and for small volumes’ dehydration. It is the smallest of the DRY BOX ® line.

The whole of the inner surface has draining characteristics and supports the filter bag, low cost and of easy replacement. The filtrate is conveyed to the outside by a special spring nozzle.

It is equipped with rubber wheels, ergonomic handles, filter cloth fixing system in order to facilitate the replacement, the handling and the bag storage. You save in bags’ consumption and work force.

Overall dimensions: Length. 550mm. Width 550mm. H. 1400mm. Weight capacity 40kg. Dehydrated panel capacity is 100 Kg. It is built entirely in AISI 304

Within the complete cycle the operator intervenes only twice: filling phase 150l, removal of drip free sludge bag 100kg saving work force and bags’ consumption compared to conventional procedures.

Dry Box 100 is used with success in machine to separate solid-liquid. 

It can be used by craftsmen, working with marble and granite in order to dewater sludge from tumbling barrel.

Presentation DRYBOX®100

DRYBOX 100 dewatered sludge

DRYBOX 100 dewatered sludge

Dry Box: dumping operation

drybox dumping operation

Dry Box 100 feeding suction

Dry Box 100 feeding suction

Dry Box 100 is a wheeled box for solid - liquid separation

Dry Box 100 is a wheeled

Dry Box 100 particular 1