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Idee e Prodotti is specialized in dewatering systems and pumps contruction. The company was born in 1984 from an idea of Vincenzo Di Leo. Since 1984 we have been researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing integrated techologies for water treatment with our know-how, patents and trademarks.

We offer to our clients range of  services tailored to their needs for management of wastewater: from pumping to treatment, dewatering and recycle/disposal. For every part of the process Idee e Prodotti has a product to solve clients problems. We have the possibility to personalize products depending on the needs of clients.

We have technical and commercial team that supports clients before, during and after purchase.
Our aim is to solve problems in the wastewater and sludge cycle. Our strenght is to offer a complete service.

We deal with both production cycles and  sludge sewage in different fields.
Our strengths are simplicity and low cost management.

We are specialized in these two fields of work, where we have 30 years of experience:
– pumps

– check valve

– dewatering

-water treatment

Area of work: in Italy to make services and to sell our products. In international market to sell our products through distributors.

3 phase linked by our products

3 phase linked by our products

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